About Anthony

Anthony Glenn Agee is an internationally known energy expert and Reiki Master Teacher.

Formerly on the research, and later teaching, staff of the legendary Institute for Reiki Studies, Anthony was one a handful of masters who were authorized to teach classes for them worldwide.

His time at The Institute made him a recognized expert in nearly all forms of Reiki, and he has continued to extensively research it since that time. Anthony was among the first masters who gained access to the once hidden world of Reiki in Japan and has continued to work hard to advance its knowledge.

Anthony also pioneered the use of Devas and Nature Energies with Reiki. He is the founder of The Association for Wholistic Studies and has authored numerous publications on the practical use of Reiki.

Anthony has organized special year end Reiki events since he was first attuned in 1994.

You can email him at: